Day Charter Cancellation/Refund Policy

At Paragon Yachting, we will go far and beyond to assure you have the best possible experience aboard any of our yacht rentals. As we know, life throws us curve balls that create unfortunate circumstances completely out of our control,  which very occasionally obliges us to cancel charters that have previously been booked.

Our cancellation/refund policy for common scenarios are below:

  1. Cancellation policy for bad weather

“Welcome to the tropics” where the weather is not as predictable as one may think and it is soon discovered that meteorology is not an exact science.

Weather cancellations are determined upon the Captain’s decision only and are made on the day of the trip

Weather forecasts will not determine the execution of the trip.

“If you don’t like the weather in The Bahamas, wait a minute”.

If the weather conditions are unfavorable on the day of your charter and prevents the contracted yacht from disembarking, Paragon Yachting will act as follows:

1.1 Alternative times or date

The first form of action our agents will take when bad weather surprises us would be to work on alternative charter times. For example, if the forecast says that it will rain from 10:00 until 12:00, we will change your hired full day charter to start at 12:30 to 20:00 and provide dinner onboard instead of breakfast.

The second option would be to offer the option of another date for the charter.

The change of date or schedule may require a different vessel and different rental conditions. All changes will be discussed with the Principal prior to commitment.

If an alternative time or date is accepted, the booking will honor the same cancellation policy.

If the client does not accept any of the given alternatives, no refund is applicable.

In no case will it be possible to make the decision of shortening the charter, once it has already begun, in exchange for a reduction of price.

1.2 Alternative itinerary

Occasionally the weather conditions are unpleasant for boating only in a specific area of the island. Upon the professional discretion of the Captain, an alternative itinerary will be taken into affect. It is the Captain’s priority to keep the ship and lives aboard safe, therefore, when the Captain makes such a call, there is no room for compromising with the guests.

In the event that customers decline this new itinerary offered due to weather conditions, they would not have the right to recover the amount paid in advanced to secure the reservation.

1.3 Refunds for force majeure

In the event of force majeure and the charter has to be cancelled, a full refund will be made to the client within 48 hours, by bank transfer, to the account indicated by the Principal, considering an alternative itinerary or date is not possible.

Weather cancellations are the Captain’s decision only and are made on the day of the trip.

Weather forecasts will not determine the execution of the trip.

  1. Policy for cancellations by the client

In the event that the client, due to any circumstances, including personal unfortunate events, could not carry on with the contracted excursion, said client is liable to lose partial or the total amount paid.

  1. 100% refund – if notified outside of 10 days, prior to charter date.
  2. 50% refund – if notified 10 days to 48 hours, prior to charter date.
  3. NO Refund – if notified within 48 hours and/or No Shows.

These times apply for the original booking.

In the event that the client asks for a date change, the cancellation policy applies for the original date of the request.

  1. Policy for cancellation with alternatives

In the event that after a secured booking, the particular vessel is no longer available due to a technical problem, alternatives of equal or higher value than the original booking, for no extra cost, will be offered to the client. The client will not be liable for a refund if the alternatives are turned down.

  1. Change of date

Paragon Yachting understands that plans change and the option for the client to change their day is welcomed. Any changes of excursion date must be presented by the client no later than 5 days prior to the day of charter. Any requests for charter date changes less than 5 days, a surcharge of $500 will be automatically applied.